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eFax Corporate® | The World’s Leading Internet Fax Service – Fax to Email Made Easy – eFax® is the world’s leading online faxing solution. Over 11 Million people around the world use eFax every day for their fax communications. It’s trusted by top Fortune 500 Companies and small businesses everywhere.

eFax Corporate offers the same functionality as our cloud-based paperless eFax solution with the ability to manage and administer hundreds or thousands of enterprise users within a secure, structured environment.

eFax Corporate enables your employees to send and receive faxes securely by email, online and even through smartphones with our mobile fax application. eFax Corporate® is ideal for day-today transactional business to high-volume production faxing —

Because eFax Corporate® is powered by a global network of advanced, highly-secure servers, businesses can replace their cumbersome fax hardware, dedicated fax telephone lines, and fax supplies… and save money with a completely hosted, maintenance-free online fax service.

eFax Corporate keeps your faxes safe, secure and easily accessible in your email inbox. You can view a complete audit trail of all transactions. Faxes can also be saved for later retrieval and it is compatible with all major email accounts.

eFax Corporate® also provides services that enable you to stay compliant with important industry and federal regulations.

That’s why eFax Corporate is the top choice for businesses looking for the management control and service flexibility not provided by in-house fax machines and fax servers. And it’s also why we’re the number one choice for highly-regulated industries whose document security is a top priority.

eFax Corporate® can integrate with your back-office ERP, CRM and other data and document intensive platforms, including SAP. We offer a SAP-certified fax connector that meets all BC-SMTP requirements.

Whether your organization faxes a few pages each day… or a few hundred thousand… eFax Corporate can manage all of your faxing needs — simply, securely, and for less money than you’re currently spending on your fax infrastructure.

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