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Secure Cloud Faxing for the Legal Industry – Compliance with eDiscovery | eFax Corporate – For today’s law firms, a lot of the activity in your office still centers around an old-fashioned desktop fax machine.

Your associates, paralegals and other employees spend time a great deal of time at the fax machine — for docket sheets, copies of pleadings, client invoices, discovery documents… the list goes on and on.

And because faxing can be slow and error-prone — thanks to paper jams, busy signals and waiting for confirmations— productivity is lost every single day. Plus, your IT team probably spends more time than they’d like troubleshooting fax issues.

The problems fax poses for your firm are actually far bigger than just lost productivity. When your staff faxes hardcopies of important documents, you have to ask…

What happens to our audit trail?

Will our firm be able to quickly retrieve a copy of that document in the future, when eDiscovery requires it?

Are we sacrificing the security of our work and other key data?

By leaving copies of client information on a common-area fax machine, are we violating client confidentiality rules?

And finally…Is maintaining a legacy infrastructure of fax machines or in-house fax servers costing our firm more than it should?

Fortunately, the solution to all of these issues is simple. You can outsource your firm’s entire fax infrastructure to the cloud with eFax Corporate, as so many top law firms have already done.

With eFax Corporate, your staff can send and receive secure faxes through the cloud — by email, through your existing email interface or our simple online portal; from your networked multifunction printers, and even from a mobile app on their smartphones. All faxes your staff sends and receives are securely archived and easily accessible anytime, for record-keeping and eDiscovery purposes.

We use the most advanced security and encryption standards to protect your firm’s faxes both in transit and in storage on our cloud — which is why our solution is trusted by businesses in the most heavily regulated industries. Plus, our platform eliminates expensive fax servers and departmental machines — replacing ongoing equipment, software, supplies, licenses, and utilities costs..

And there’s even better news for your firm: eFax Corporate operates entirely in the cloud, integrating seamlessly with your processes and will only take your staff minutes to learn.

When you outsource to the cloud with eFax Corporate, your employees will be more productive, your IT staff will say goodbye to fax maintenance headaches, and your entire firm will enjoy improved document security and regulatory compliance.

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